It still amazes me as to what I find when I rummage around in my bag! Toys, half eaten packets of food, receipts, a long lost lipstick, hair bands, library cards... and the list still goes on!
Being mum means I get to carry everyone else crap too apparently! Thats exactly why I want to talk about my collaboration with Gaston Luga and how I wish I'd had this bag sooner!
We are always out and about exploring, walking, cycling etc so I found it so much easier to have a backpack rather than a handbag. Now not all backpacks are pretty (you should of seen some of my old school backpacks!) but Gaston Luga offer a range of beautifully functional bags with amples of room. Which I certainly need. I chose my bag in black as I knew I would need it to go with so many things and I really don't have time to be changing everything over from one bag to another all the time! It is big enough to fit in everything I need (and everyone elses) without looking. bulky or too big!

You can also get 15% off all items online with free delivery with the code THELITTLELODOWN 
Find the website here : Gaston Luga

*Bag gifted as part of a collaboration 

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