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Hey there and welcome back to the blog! I thought I would share our recent trip to the London Natural History Museum as I've  had a few questions on it!

Casper is a huge dinosaur fan so we thought it would be lovely to take him up to see them in the museum and to be honest, he didn't just love the dinosaurs in there, he loved it all! We decided to go midweek and during school time so it wouldn't be so busy and we were very glad we did!

We got the off peak train (still costs an extraordinary amount of money) up to London and took the tube from there. I must say Casper was amazing on the train. Below I will list a few things which helped make the day easier. It took us just under an hour and a half to get to London.

We arrived at the museum and Casper was still sleep in the pushchair so had a little coffee and made a plan. We decided to check the pushchair into the cloakroom at the museum for a £2 fee and it was well worth it. As soon as Casper woke up we were off to the dinosaurs.

It wasn't busy and there were no queues, and it also meant Casper could walk about freely exploring. He was in his element and found it fascinating. We could have spent far longer in there exploring!

I have put together some tips from experience if you were thinking of making a visit also.

* If you need to take a pushchair, take a lightweight foldable one!
* Use a backpack to take whatever you need so you have free hands.
* There is a cloakroom which you can use to store scooters, coats, buggies, and large bags so you don't need to worry about carrying them round. There is a small fee but in my opinion its pretty reasonable.
* There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in the museum and they all do kids meals, but we took our own packed lunch and ate it in the picnic area.
* For the train ride too and from : we packed a couple of toys for Casper to play with and also downloaded a few episodes of his favourite dinosaur programme. He ended up playing more than watching but we had them incase anyway.




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